Welcome to my Blog!

Hello people, and welcome to my Blog! 🙂

I liked this place better than Blogspot. Mainly because here are more features, and pangaea was free over here. I’ve used that nickname for years, and had no plans to change it now. Here are a lot of features though, but hopefully I won’t screw up too much.

This will be my personal space on the web. I will talk about the things that interests me, which mainly are politics, education, computers and sports. Politics is my biggest interests, but not necessarily in that order. You’ll soon find out 😉

There will be more information about me and my interests in the About page.

Feel free to comment my posts, it’s nice with feedback. But please no spamming or abuse.



2 kommentar to “Welcome to my Blog!”

  1. Test Says:

    This is just a test to see how this stuff works…

  2. pangaea Says:

    Yet another test to check the sorting.

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