Rejecting the Draft in Norway

The police called me a few days ago demanding I should meet up for an interrogation later this week after the military pressed charges as they didn’t get an answer after they drafted me. It didn’t come as a shock, but I was soundly surprised as I’m in my mid-20s. Besides not that many people are drafted anymore, so I didn’t really expect them to come after me. But here we are.

I’m trying to figure out what they will ask me, and what they want besides trying to get me to sign enlisting papers. That’s not happening in this lifetime. The problem is that I got over two years left of my bachelor, leaving now is out of the question. I can get out of military «service» easily, but then I have to «serve» 13 months in the civil service. If I was done with my education and was unemployed (as I was a good year ago), it wouldn’t be so bad. But then I’m not too fond of the civil service either. The majority of the work is brainless and pointless, and it’s just a poor alternative for military denyers, constructed solely because too many resisted the draft. It’s a clever way of hiding the real number of military denyers. Besides it’s formally under military command in a situation of war (which we strictly are in now), meaning politicians have the right if they want to, to require pretty much everybody that has served in the military or civil service to pack up for war. If the civil service was a real alternative to the military with work towards peace, and of course voluntary, I wouldn’t have (such) a problem with it. Now I am being forced into something I don’t want to do. I really dislike that. Therefore I am thinking about what to do.

Basically the options are to:
(1) join the military, which is off the table
(2) join the civil service, which I don’t really want in my current situation
(3) fake a psychological/medical reason for them not to draft me, hopefully resulting in a discharge
(4) take the case to court, which can result in 2×3 months in jail

Will have a meeting later today with a lawyer that has worked with issues like this before. Hopefully he’ll have some good advice for me, and a overview of similar cases, and what their results have been. All options are bad, but I suppose (3) is the lesser evil, just not sure I can follow it through as I’m an unhealthy honest person, and a horrible liar. It may already be too late for that option though, I don’t know yet.

I hope it will turn out allright, but everything can happen. I’ve never been in an interrogation before, but I suppose they’ll «grill» me, and ask the same question in a host of ways to try to find holes in my explanations. If anybody are reading this, and got tips, I’m all ears 😉


3 kommentar to “Rejecting the Draft in Norway”

  1. Nicholai Says:

    Is the military in Norway really that bad? I heard they are nothing like the sadists in the US military. I was born in Norway and was thinking of moving back just to join their military to find out how it is.

  2. Nicholai Says:

    One more question, do they draft girls in Norway?

  3. pangaea Says:

    As I haven’t been in I can’t really tell, but my understanding is that it’s not too tough, depending a bit where you «serve». They don’t draft girls in Norway (yet – there’s talks about it though), but they can join if they want to. Nowadays only about 1/3 men «serve» in the military in Norway. There have been cutbacks lately. There’s no threat of an invasion, so we have specialized more in offensive capability instead of defensive. Which is one of the reasons why I didn’t want to join the military.

    Don’t think I have properly updated on the draft issue for me personally. But I’m off the hook now, probably permanently 🙂

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