Update on the interrogation

I guess this site is basically for my own reading, kinda like a diary, but here comes a little update on the police interrogation.

I think it went fairly well. It lasted about 40 minutes.
Started out by asking personal info like address, phone number, and various things like that. Then we went into the reasons why I was there. The army institution that deals with calling in people to the army (Vernepliktsverket – VPV), had contacted the police due to me not answering the papers they sent out. I learnt that they had sent out 3 papers to my former address, and they had sent at least 1 to my current address. Not weird I never received the first 3, but a bit weird that they never got returned. Guess the new house-owners didn’t care to send them back. But quite strange that the paper(s) they sent to my current address never showed up. Not quite sure if I believe them in fact, as other letters and bills have shown up to the exact same address (although it was slightly wrong in all instances).

I naturally said I never received any of them, and I didn’t know why I never got them, or they never got returned. I actually forgot to ask if they papers they sent here, got returned, but I guess they didn’t. If they were sent at all.

At the end he asked if I was interested in «serving» in the military at a later date. I said it was exactly ideal as I’m currently studying, and didn’t want to abort my studies. He then printed out what he had written. It looked okay apart from the last section. It was formulated like I was saying like a 2-year old «Neeh, don’t wanna». Didn’t like that so said «serving» in the military wasn’t really going to happen as I’m a pacifist, and don’t believe wars can solve conflicts. I pointed to history as evidence for this.

In hindsight this may not have been the best move, but it seemed smart there and then as he had formulated it quite poorly, perhaps on purpose.
Had a talk with a lawyer with long experience with similar cases, and he was almost certain the case would be dismissed. I agree with him, and expect it will be dismissed. It will probably take a while though.

Then they probably send out new papers, which I will deal with there and then. As I have tinnitus it shouldn’t be a problem to get discharged with medical papers. If they overlook this, and my hearing worsen, they can get an ugly lawsuit on their hands, and they don’t fancy that idea. If it is better for them to not take me in, than to do, they usually don’t call in people. I should have the upper hand in that situation I reckon.

If all fails, I will do civil service for a peace or aid organization. Or something like that.


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