Seymour Hersh about Abu Ghraib and top-secret US missions

Just finished watching today’s Democracy Now! Seymour Hersh was interviewed and had some very interesting things to say. I’m impressed at his knowledge!

Link to the torrent and the stream.

He said some interesting things about the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. The very top people knew pretty much from the beginning what was going on, all the way up to Rumsfeld, and very likely Bush himself. He didn’t really talk about who ordered it, but in light of what Rumsfeld has said about torture for many years, even after this scandal broke, I think it’s quite obvious that he had a big say in this, and it may very well be he that ordered it in the first place. As Hersh says, the US had pretty much no clue about anything about the insurgency (called resistance if «we» did it), so they wanted information. Thus the «softening up» (aka torture) of prisoners to get them to tell. Of course most don’t know anything, and are just being tortured. Then to stop the torture they will say anything. Very normal, and exactly why torture can be a very bad way to get information (aside from the obvious crimes and breach of international law). Due to this I think the order came from the very top, either from Rumsfeld or Cheney. As I think many of us know, Bush isn’t really the «Action Man» in this administration. The people around him make many of the decisions for him (fairly normal, but not on this scale – radically different from under Clinton for example).

The most interesting part of the interview for me, was when Hersh talked about the top secret missions the US has in 13 countries around the world, naturally including the Middle East and Iran. He said they were on the border ready to get into Iran, but I’m pretty sure some units already are in Iran, trying to get a pre-emption for the US to strike «back». This is happening on the «SAP» level, which according to Hersh is the top level of secrecy. The U2 spy plane was developed on this level for example. He also said it was unusual that field operations were at this level, it was usually R&D and that kinda stuff.

This is probably one of the reasons why Hersh has said for a long time that the US are planning a military attack on Iran (most likely not an invasion, but to target their important infrastructure and military capability). When they have top secret units of hitmen ready to enter Iran on short notice, or already operating in Iran, the US clearly have well-developed plans to attack them. This is a cause for great worry – both for people on the left (and anybody else to be honest), and Iranians.

I haven’t really feared that much an attack on Iran, as I didn’t think they would be crazy enough to do that.But this has really sent my alarm bells off!

This is fantastically important information, and I really hope the press jumps on it. I won’t bet my life on it, but he has such a huge name and reputation, so I hope the media will react this time.

Please watch the interview, and spread the information to people you know.


2 kommentar to “Seymour Hersh about Abu Ghraib and top-secret US missions”

  1. r_wilson531 Says:

    It may be contraversial but can I tempt you with some more Seymour Hersh


    Stream & DRM download:


  2. Buskined Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Buskined.

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